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Our Mission
We are on a journey to rid the world of plastic and low quality accessories for high value tech products, and to replace such by natural and beautifully designed handmade accessories. Primovisto specialises in luxury natural products for Apple with a fashionable look and more than a hint of very cool product design. And we do all of this without the the luxury product prices!
Our History
Primovisto was founded in 2012 in Ireland  when two brothers - Ed and James - realised that natural handmade products enhanced the beauty of personal electronic equipment. Primovisto sold its first bamboo iPhone case in January of that year and has since seen their products sold throughout the world. In a  very short space of time the Primovisto brand has developed into one of the principal global brands for natural accessories for Apple products.
Sustainable and Ethical
Primovisto is determined to source and manufacture its products in a manner that is sustainable and ecological. We're not 'tree huggers' but we do believe in each and every individual doing their piece to keep the planet in as healthy a state as possible for as long as possible. In buying from Primovisto you can be certain that you are making a environmentally sound choice while at the same time acquiring a product that is both beautiful and distinctive.
Where else to find us
To cater for French speakers, we have set up a French language version of our site. You can find it at the following address - www.primovisto.fr
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James Stack


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